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Our Capacity

10 million plantlets per annum with an expansion potential of up to 12 million plantlets produced for the Export and Local Market, comprising of the Horticultural and Edible plants.

Cutting floors

Our cutting floors consist of 25 individual cutting stations installed with HEPA filter and UV facility along with sterile beats for tool sterilization.

Growth rooms

Our growth rooms able to store 1 million plants, cushioned with controlled environment conditions along with LED and fluorescent lights for the plant growth.

Media facility

We follow General Laboratory Practice (GLP) in all stages and our annual production capacity is 50,000 L media.

Dispatch room

Specific area complies with Australian Quarantine Inspection Service and has room for 20 individual to work at a time in a closed unit.

Plant nurseries

Poly tunnel plant nurseries in area of 3 hectares for acclimatization process and vegetative plant development.


Comprised of 70 well-trained technicians under the supervision of experience Supervisors and Department Heads. Employees’ technical skills have been assessed continuously throughout the year to ensure the productivity.

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